The issue of added sugar intake


The 2020-2025 FDA Dietary uidelines recommend limiting calories from added sugar to less than 10% of totaca ories per day (200 ca ories or 50g for those fol owing a 2.000-ca orie diet), However, most Americans exceedthis recommended amount, with SSBs accounting for a significant portion (24%) of Americans' added sugarintake, according to the FDA.

The study reaffirms what's been well researched: high consumption of sugary beverages lead to severanegative health outcomes, noted McCullough.

Unfortunately, Americans exceed recommended limits on sugar consumption in the Us Dietary Guidelines, and sugar-sweetened beverages are known risk factors for weight gain, being overweight, and obesity," said McCullough.
Our findings further support the recommendation to limit consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages included in theACs Guicdeline on Nutrition and Physical Activity for Cancer Prevention to help decrease the risk of cisease"