Product introduction

Model 80 Horizontal Tablet Loader Order Information Processing Customization is brand GR-WZP Model 80 Power 3 (kw) Packaging Material Plastic Applicable Object Juice Beverage Packaging Type Bottle Packaging Speed 80 (unit/minute) After-sales Service Shelf Life 1 year Specification 80 This machine is a new product developed by our factory with foreign technology.

It mainly carries out automatic bottle sorting and several-piece filling for pipe bottle shape. This machine can change the backward appearance of manual operation, improve the production benefit level of mechanical packaging, and achieve the effect of pollution-free production. This machine is widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries. The structure principle of this machine is mainly technical measures such as vibration plc control of filling machine counting and capping, etc. The main structure of this machine is composed of automatic bottle feeding, automatic plate counting, automatic capping and automatic bottle discharging.

The design of this machine is reasonable, stable, reliable, easy to overhaul and fast speed. Product detailed parameters Applicable range: All kinds of pipes and bottles Product alias: Loading machine Output: 80 Packaging efficiency: 80 (times/minute) Packaging material: Glass bottle/plastic bottle Maximum molding area: 40 (mm) Maximum inner cavity size: 35 (mm) Output size: 5500*1800*1800 (mm) Weight: 450 (kg)

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