Product introduction

Because of its reliable assurance of aseptic production, BFS technology is well known for IV solution production. The packages using BFS technology for large volume parenterals often uses medical polypropylene (PP) plastic material. The produce is durable for high temperature sterilization, inert, has low water vapor permeability, environmentally friendly. No additional active additives are required thanks for the aseptic filling environment.

Single Station
VSUN single station provides our BFS system using aseptic packaging technology and continuous operation for an automatic completion of filling and sealing process. The medical polyethylene (PE) or polypropylene (PP) particles are often used as raw material. Various capping design such as twist off, multidose, euro cap and more can be chose upon request.


Model Specification Nos.of Extruding Head Center Distance of Extruding Head Qty. of Mould Distribution of Cavity Total number of cavity Recycle Time
Production Capacity
AFPL6 500mL 6 80 1 6 6 18.5 1150
1000mL 6 80 1 6 6 20 1080
AFPL8 100mL 8 62 1 8 8 14.5 1950
250mL 8 62 1 8 8 16 1800
500mL 8 62 1 8 8 18.5 1550

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