Product introduction

Filling with circulation water (Pure water) to a preset level.Heating up with circulation water. During heating up a preset differential ballast pressure above the relevant saturated steam pressure is maintained in the chamber by compressed air that prevents damage of the product containers. Sterilization for a preset time under a preset differential ballast pressure with a guaranteed temperature distribution inside the product of ±1℃.Cooling with primary circulation water, which is pumped through the cooling water cooled external heat exchanger and sprayed over the load. During the cooling process a preset differential ballast pressure above the relevant saturated steam pressure or a fixed ballast pressure is maintained in the chamber.
The compressed air overpressure prevents damage of the product containers. Draining of circulation water either completely or to a certain level for further cycles.Depressurizing of chamber to atmospheric pressure(release of door interlock).
According to adopting computers and high-performance devices, it increasingly improves the stability and intelligence of the machine, and makes it more suitable for high-intelligent management system of modern workshops. Meanwhile, refined manufacturing, world-famous configurations and good after service make you more satisfactory.

Main body (Pic. 1)
The chamber is cylinder and made of SS316L, is checked by X-Ray. Its design pressure is 0.3Mpa
According to mechanical and chemical treatment, the chamber surface is bright, beautiful and corrosion resistant.

Door structure(Pic. 2)
The autoclave is designed as pass-through (double door) autoclave.The door issliding type,the seal is the inflatable type, pressurized with compressed air, and can withstand the chamber temperature and pressure.
●Sterilization cycle can start only after the door is fully closed and locked.
● Supply with instrument-grade compressed air: thanksto the special cross-section, the compression fluid cannotescape toward the sterilization chamber, compromising thesterility of the chamber and of its contents.

1.3 Pipe system (Pic.3)
Pipe system is consisted of internal circulation and external circulation. The former is sterilizing medium channel, mainly consisted of circulating pump, board type heat exchanger and internal spray system. The latter is “heating” and “cooling” supply channel, consisted of board type heat exchanger
① pipe connection:connected by flange,the material is SUS304
②Board type heat exchanger: The producer of the exchanger is DLwhich has large quantity of users and good service. It made by SS316L which is special design for high temperature working condition with high heat efficiency, easy to change the plates, easy clean.
③Circulating pump: The producer of the circulated pump is FFC brand, which working temperature can over 150 ℃. The product is vertical multistage centrifugal pump, which is in low noise, low energy cost, free-maintenance and no leakage.This type product is widely used by national customers and after service net is quite complete.
④Spray system: The spray nozzle is produced by Spray Company, USA, and works in big water flux and wide spray angle. A lot of this type spray distributed in the top and side of the chamber can spray the high temperature water into water fog to every corner of the sterilization chamber. It assures the uniformity of the temperature and rapidly cool down the sterilization chamber and materials when needed.
⑤Control valves: The valves are produced by GEMU Company, Germany. The pneumatic water proof hammer angle valve is fixed in cooling water system that thesystem can work more smoothly. Other valves are heat resistance angle pneumatic valve which are special for steam (180℃). They are bid directional self-adjustable airproof , big flux with 6 million times working life.
⑥Steam trap: Steam trap is the key to control the steam consumption of super water sterilizer which is float-ball type produced by Spirax.sarco Company, UK.

1.4 Control system
The control system incorporated with: PLC + HMI(Touch screen)+PC computer(SCADA)+A4 printer + Data recorder
●The PLC is SIMENS S7-1200.
●The HMI(Touch screen) is made by SIMENS, SMART700.
●PC Computer monitor software the control system is comply with 21 CFR part 11.
The displaying technologic flow, alarming, historical curve and report printing.Real-time shows thetemperature,pressure,time,F0 value,productname,operatingmember and so on.
All these data and curve can be printed out by A4 printer.
●Data recorder:9 channel paperless Yokogawa data recorder

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