Product introduction

Product properties:
white or colorless crystalline powder; No visible impurities,with a mild sweet, pure, no peculiar smell.

Application industry:
1. Direct edible: partial shipments into small package or multidimensional glucose; All kinds of infusion of sugar, such as coffee, cocoa, malted milk, breakfast add seasoning; Family daily sugar, such as cooking sauce, sweet sugar.
2. The food industry: used for candy aspect such as chewing gum and bubble gum, baked food, vegetables, drinks, cold drinks and meat products, etc.
3. The fermentation industry:to be used as main ingredient of fermentation medium, such as antibiotics, monosodium glutamate, vitamins, amino acids, organic acids, enzymes, etc.,  also can be used as the raw material of microbial polysaccharides and organic solvent.
4. Chemical industry,:printing and dyeing leather, mirrors,silver plating for vacuum flask refill and glass fiber and other chemical silver plating industry.
5. Other such as animal feed, environmental protection material,etc.

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